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Projects with a positive impact with water

Many people around the world do not yet have access to safe drinking water. This is the case for the majority of the population in Rwanda. Water is collected from polluted sources and must be boiled before consumption. This process leads to large deforestation as wood is the main fuel source for most Rwandese families.

This project gives households access to clean water, eliminating the need of boiling it to make it safe for consumption and protecting the forests. 

Positive Impacts of the project


The main objective of the project consists of repairing damaged wells, drilling new ones and maintain them in the long run. These wells provide clean water that can be accessed through a borehole. To make sure it’s safe for consumption, the water is regularly tested beforehand. 


The firewood used to boil the water is collected from the nearby forests which puts a lot of pressure on the ecosystems. Besides the sequestration of CO2, forests provide a lot of valuable services and ressources to the Rwandan communities. With the rehabilitation of wells, these precious ecosystems are preserved and protected. 


More awareness about sanitation and hygiene and better access to safe water improves the health of the local communities. At home, indoor air pollution decreases because the water no longer needs to be heated in order to be purified. Easy access to the wells also saves a family a lot of time and money.

This project was made possible thanks to the company Spadel.

Spadel is a CO2neutral company. This label can only be achieved through credible climate action.


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