Earth Funders is Ethibel certified

Aerial view of a green forest. Photo by John O

Do you remember the first campaign launched last automn by Earth Funders, an initiative from CO2 logic to raise funds in support of early stage climate projects ?
If you missed it, watch the video of the campaign which explains how cookstoves can address major climate issues like deforestation and CO2 emissions.


The fundraising raised a total amount of € 25,000 for the SOMBA project in Benin which has enabled to equip more than 500 families in different rural villages.

For all its projects, the ambition of Earth Funders is to send 100% of the funds to the field in order to maximize the impact. To achieve this, either CO2logic or its sponsors cover all the structural costs and investments in communication.
To walk the talk, CO2logic had the project audited by Forum Ethibel.
After a detailed analyse of the financial data and a consultation process of all the involved parties, the Somba project obtained the Ethibel certificate.


Apart from the bank charges deducted during the transfer of the funds (0.64%), all of the contributions could be sent to our local partner Eco-Benin (link to certificate on earth funders website).
This certification is a great motivation to continue on the path towards our target to send 100% of the collected funds to the climate projects and give back to nature.
With 500 families equipped with improved cookstoves, deforestation of no less than 10,000 trees was avoided and more than 2,500 people positively impacted in their daily life (collection of wood over several km, cost of charcoal, health due to toxic fumes, …).


If you wish to contribute to other climate projects, follow us on social media and stay tuned about our next campaign next autumn.

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