As an individual, you can contribute in many ways to fight climate change

Avoid and reduce CO2 emissions

Each of your daily actions and purchases generate CO2 emissions which are harmful for the environment and which contribute to global warming. Here are some of the concrete actions you can take to reduce your carbon footprint.

  • Switch to a renewable energy supplier.

  • Improve the energy efficiency of your home

  • Avoid or reduce transport by car or plane.
    Switch in favor of sustainable transport means

  • Avoid or reduce consumption of meat and dairy

  • Choose for recycled products in your daily purchasing habits.

  • Favor eco-labelled products and services


When you cannot avoid or reduce your CO2 emissions, you can give back to nature. These incompressible CO2 emissions are typically related to the impact of your transport & travels. Compensating these CO2 emissions consists of a voluntary financial contribution to the benefit of a CO2 reduction climate project in a developing country.  This project will reduce the CO2 emissions equal to the CO2 emitted by your travel. So whether you travel for pleasure or business, you can give back to nature and more specifically to climate.

The Greentripper tool allows you to calculate the CO2 footprint of trips and to compensate for their impact on the climate.

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